Taking the Writing Challenge

For the last 2 months or so, I have been meaning to write a blog post. I do not know the topic of the said post, or its content, or anything at all about it. I just know that I have to write something. I also know there’s a lot of valuable thoughts that I have in my mind that need to be put in words, but I cannot bring myself to put them in writing.

Writing simply terrifies me.

On the flip side, in about the same amount of time, I have been able to learn quite a lot of new stuff related to JavaScript programming, among them React, Jasmine, ES6 and much more. Surprisingly, when I have had to write code on these things and put it out there, I usually do it without a problem. Writing, on the other hand, has always felt like a nightmare.

So what can I do about it?

Chuck Palahniuk quote

So this is me officially putting out the challenge to myself, to venture out to where I fear most, to write more and more until I no longer fear it.

Have you been in a similar situation before, whether with writing or something else, that you know you need to do but it simply terrifies you? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


5 thoughts on “Taking the Writing Challenge

  1. This post has been in the top of my bookmarks.

    There are multiple unfinished essays that I didn’t finish.

    I can totally relate to you…

    Whad do you think writing requires?

    Well, let’s say the obvious thing first that writing is vast and neither me nor you nor anybody esle can really cover it.

    In my opinion it requires discipline.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Anton.

      I think you are right about the discipline. There’s a quote that the hardest part of writing is just sitting down to write. That’s always the hardest part. There’s also other tips I’ve picked up along the way, such as writing first and doing the editing later, which helps me get something out faster, than trying to do both at the same time.

      But it’s always a journey, and something that I’m still working on constantly.
      Let me know how your journey goes 🙂

  2. What concerns me in writing is the fact of total creativity and how big it gets.
    Regarding discipline I want to mention George R. R. Martin who writes on an old computer with MS DOS on it. He is not defined by his tools. I think he also does it because there is no internet and it’s not messing with his focus which is the problem in a lot of cases?
    One of my interest is what? Is Acting.
    And there is a simple childish exercise you can do. Called what if? What if you were a person who writes all the time just out of habit. But he so much that to an outsider it looks like he writes 24/7.
    I also wanna talk to you about another concept, “Start with the end in mind” or “Start backwards”.
    P.S. What if you write for the purpose, not because you are inspired.
    What if you are inspired with the purpose of the writing, and not with words.

    1. The Internet might be a distraction, but these days it is necessary to do research on the Internet. So I think the Internet is helpful for writers today.

      Thanks for the tip on writing with a purpose and not just for the words. I think that might help looking beyond the writing task and to what you hope to achieve with the writing.

  3. I’m reading thin interesting post about writing. Want to share it with you
    A quote I like from the post https://blog.ghost.org/learning-to-write/
    And then I’m standing in the bathroom, wrapped in a towel, exploring the writing I just crafted in my head in the shower, and I realise my mistake. Whether or not you can write practical advice about the banalities of the writing process in a book, I don’t know. Whether they’d be applicable to me as someone who’s not new to the process of writing but wants to stretch myself and improve my craft, I’m even less sure. But whether you can improve your writing through immersing yourself in the books of the best teachers available I realise is absolutely true.
    Simply by exposing myself to wonderful writing, great examples of the craft, honest accounts of the writing process that speak to me with finesse and polish so the words sink in is my education. My writing is improving through osmosis. I’m picking up on how to craft a better sentence, how to reach a reader, how to employ language to the best of my ability. I’m taking it all in, even if I can’t highlight it on the page.

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