Goals and Effort


I have been trying to learn web development for a little over a year, without much success, according to my own evaluation. Why?

I have come to the conclusion that the simple lack of a specific goal is my problem.

In this case, my definition of success is being able to not only learn the various programming languages and web frameworks but also to be able to use this knowledge to build an actual website or product. I wasn’t able to achieve this.

I have finally realised that without a concrete goal all the effort put into any venture is useless. I am writing this down to specifically remind myself not to make this mistake again.

It may be all fun and exciting to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python and the like but on realizing there was actually no end game I decided it was not worth the effort.

So what next?

They say “Once beaten, twice shy” and in line with this I have decided to correct past mistakes and come up with concrete goals to work towards if I do decide to go back to Web Development .

1. Aim to make a product that solves a problem that people have.

Putting effort towards something just for the sake of it is just not worth it. For example, I don’t think the world needs more blogging platforms, unless they are addressing a shortcoming in the ones that already exist.
I believe this approach also helps in providing motivation, especially if it’s a problem that affects you personally.

2. Alternatively, work towards making a product or app you use and love more awesome.

I think this is the second best thing you can do with your skills if number 1 doesn’t work or seems to take too long.
Motivation won’t be a problem here if its a product you really love.

Whichever path chosen it’s all about having the right motivation and having a laser-sharp focus on a specific goal to make the best of all the effort. Hope my future self will thank me for this.

Image credit: Marc_W

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