Does a University Degree Guarantee a Job?


We are currently living in a completely new and interesting era. This is an age where a college/university degree is no longer the prerequisite for success it used to be. College dropouts are becoming billionaires while on the other side of the scale college graduates are ending up being underemployed and even working for the dropouts.

Such instances certainly exist and are possibly increasing with the amount of startups coming up. All this leads to the question..  Is a college/university degree relevant in today’s job market?

As a fitting coincidence, I found a blog post by the co-founder of WordPress and CEO of Automattic, Matt Mullenweg, who had this to say about his own experience and their hiring process, “One thing I don’t pay much attention to is education: I’m a University of Houston dropout, so it would be hypocritical of me to obsess over where or whether someone went to college.”

This at least proves that it does not matter how many degrees or doctorates you possess, but what counts is what you bring to the table. What value can you actually provide? It is very possible to have all these degrees and still be unemployed and unemployable.

In addition to Automattic (the company behind WordPress), Buffer (an awesome company with an awesome product which I absolutely love) are also hiring based on this strategy and tend to put more emphasis on a candidate’s compatability with what they refer to as the Buffer culture.

These may be just two examples but given the success that these companies are experiencing, this approach seems to be working for them and is bound to continue.

I really hope to see more of this happening here in Kenya where employers will be more willing to take chances on guys based on their skill set and not necessarily on their level of education.

Image courtesy of CollegeDegrees360

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